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∞ Nada
I suffered from migraines for many years. I am trying Acupuncture right now and it has cut down on my pain and I am taking less Imetrix & Excedrin migraine pills. I feel so much better for it. I`m on my way to totally stop them two medication as well.

∞ Colleen
I have diabetes for 1 year now and the acupuncture helps the pain numbness tingling in my lower back, arms and legs. I will definitely go back to the therapy center as needed for acupuncture and acupressure massage.

∞ Cheri
I had a health problem that I was struggling with for many weeks. With acupuncture and herbal medicine, I began to feel much better and got back to my normal self. The staff is great and I'm very glad I'm in their care.

∞ Conrad
After many weeks of pain in my lower back on right side, I found out it was sciatic pain and this was also affecting my left side as well. Even though chiropractic was helpful this did not complete the journey!
Therapeutic massage, accupressure were most helpful, but did not sustain the pain free daily living I had anticipated.
After 4 sessions with Dr. Ma at First Oriental Therapy Center I am 95% pain free and more mobile than in recent years; with future massage therapy in conjunction with detox, and reflexology, I will be able to maintain a balance which will sustain my physical body.
I am healthier everyday!

∞ Sam C.
After six straight weeks of sciatic pain symptoms, pain pill and chiropractors did not work. First Oriental Therapy Center was my ticket to feeling pain free. The staff was fantastic and very professional. After many questions I was very satisfied with their commitment to good health. After the first acupuncture therapy session I was 80% pain free and they quickly earned my trust. I highly recommend First Oriental Therapy Center and I will continue to return. The massage therapy is also fantastic, the best massage I ever had !!!

∞Jennifer W.
I first went to First Oriental to get a hot stone massage with my Mom on Mother's Day. We loved it and both of us told the doctor of pain we were having. My mom has had bad arthritis in her hip and hands for years and I pain in my knee for over two years. They mentioned acupuncture could ride us of our pain and after two visits each, I have no pain in my knee and my Mom's pain is almost a thought. We are longer skeptics. I have since had a weight loss massage and massage to help with my digestion and feel better already! 
Thanks to the great staff Lucy and Lily and Dr. Xin Ma. We really appreciate it.
(a while later)
I have been going to First Oriental Therapy Center for 9 months now. I originally came for a massage and was introduced to acupuncture.I The doctor not only improved pain in my neck and knees but the treatments led to a 32 pound weight loss! I feel better than ever and will continue to see Lucy and Dr. Ma for anything because their treatments work. Love them! 

Sharilynn C
I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years. When I was first in my career, I felt if you had a problem “just cut it out”. Over the years, I have suffered from chronic pain, fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome.  When treating a person, you have to look at that individual very closely and treat him/her as a “whole”. I believe in not only Western Therapy but Chinese.  Since coming to the clinic and receiving the Chinese medicine and acupuncture, I feel like a new person.
I have more energy, less pain and a new outlook on life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The massage completes the therapy. I feel that I am in very competent hands in the clinic.

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